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Reply to Combine meetings

By Max Topic posted 12/25/2018

For years now, we schedule virtually every meeting as a "Hybrid". That means it can be Tactical or Governance, depending on what the people in the room need at the time. If someone needs Governance, than the entire Circle has already been notified that Governance might happen on that day, so there are no issues regarding that concern.

As for how to transition from Tactical to Governance without wasting time saying "Hold that for Governance" -

If facilitated properly, Tactical can help make the Governance part run more quickly. If I bring up a Tension in Tactical, but we discover it likely needs to be a Governance issue, we can still use that time to talk about my Tension, ask questions, etc. Most likely, nobody is going to repeat themselves during Governance, so it goes much faster. All in all, it should net the exact same amount of time overall either way.