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That's a really interesting answer, Chris. What resonates with me most is this: 

you must provide a suggestion of some sort. You can't just complain and expect others to fix it for you. Since an elected role is an output of everyone's vote, you need to contribute to that output.

It reminds me of Elections where at the beginning I had the impression that it was clear anyway who would be (re-)elected. But then, by virtue of being "forced" to nominate, some new, unexpected nominations came up by new members of the circle. This really got the "old" members awake! They now had to nominate "their" favourite candidates and really be clear in their argumentation!

In an ordinary election they would probably have half-heartedly nominated the people expected to be elected, the newbies would have abstained and business as usual would have happened - with much less clarity in the circle.

Anyway, with that memory, and with the theory argument that you made, I now feel much better about the requirement.