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Thank you for the insights Sam.

For the first bucket, we started with Holacracy because of a strategical evaluation process where assumptions where made why it could help us (things like: let the people who work directly with the customer make the decisions rather than management to increase customer satisfaction).

This is a very personal feeling, but I think it's pointless to measure how good Holacracy was adopted but to measure what you achieved with it and how it contributes to bucket number two goals. IMHO Holacracy practice should not be implemented for a selfpurpose but to bring added value for your organisation => this needs to be measured.

We have let go of our old Vision and Mission statement and defined a Why, how, what (Simon Sinek). We have no measures yet for this. I can imagine very well we will never reach "highest level" Holacracy implementation to align it with our business goals. There is just no actual tension to reach a higher level than lets say level 3 as an example if it fits the company.

Happy to hear other thoughts