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Hi Angela,

Interesting tensions. To start with the proposition tension. What might be a solution is to create more roles around proposition. So one role that is responsible for the creation of new propositions, one that is responsible for the decision to bring a proposition to the market and f.e. one that is responsible for bringing new propositions to the market. This way there are more decision makers involved. An other option is to make a Policy that put some restrictions in place. For example a policy like "If you create a new proposition then it needs be aligned with the Proposition process". In this process you can describe how you want to handle everything around the proposition. F.e. in this process you can state that role X, Y and Z need to have no objections before bringing new propositions to the market (and if they have objections you integrate them). 

For the communication part you can decide to provide a domain to a role that is responsible for Customer Communication. If this role gets the domain "Proposition Communication" then no other role can communicate on this without approval from this role. This way this role can align all the communication on propositions. 

Check this article from Olivier Compagne (especially the Approving part) on Medium for more inspiration and examples: https://blog.holacracy.org/wri...lacracy-eb9d83e363bf

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Tom