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 My current feeling of how I'd like to see it done goes like this:

Channels that map to roles/circles..

.. should be clearly recognizable as such. For example by a suffix "-role" or "-circle".

.. should have priority over others => make that visible and have it effect in the ordering of the channels. For example by prefixing the channel names with "_".

.. should be private by default. Circles are like cells, they should have a cell membrane that clearly regulates what goes in and what goes out. For that we have roles. If we don't do it, circles become undefined, with people from the outside coming in and "offering advice" and so on.

The private channel thing is not something I would want to have, but over the past years the lack of clarity became really an issue in our organization, I think. Might also be solved by a bot that maps channel membership to role fillers, but then someone would have to write that, or by other means. 

People of course can always create other channels to discuss matter of all sorts, have "guilds" for topics and so on, and those should always be open.

[@mention:449693036223847456] maybe you could share how you guys do it, and say a few things about the Slack integration you're building?