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Reply to Gamifying Glassfrog

By Leanne Wong Topic posted 08/28/2015

I, also, am a long time DnD/White Wolf RPG fan. I am looking to start an online RPG Game and Social Business Simulation using roleplaying and Holacracy.

As a way of working on my faciliator training to be prepared to take the assessment, I am working on (what I call) Level 0,1,2,3  Game Simulation using Holacracy. (You can see what I mean by level 0 which borrows Konrad's Holacracy Simulation Game and I made a few adjustments.)

Here is an overview of the RPG Gaming Idea.

If you really want learn more join and explore the Maitreya RPG game.

Also, I am using Konrad's idea of a scheduling spreadsheet (I hope he doesn't mind) when he did his simulation. 

Let me know what you guys think.