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As a tension is sensed by a person and this person senses a difference between current reality and how it could be. As we can not judge this feeling all tensions are deemed to be valid. Does that mean that all Tensions result in valid proposals? Guess not.

Imagine the following tension: I want all people, who have an company car, to drive an electric car. If you have the role Lease Wizard and the Purpose of the organization is about contributing to a better environment, well it sounds like a great proposal. But if I have the roll ICT and I care about the environment then none of my roles care about this from a company perspective. What I can do is pitch to Lease Wizard that this would be a great idea, in line with the company Purpose.

So, my perspective is that their are no invalid tensions. I trust the process to help me sort out if the tension results in a valid proposal (in Governance) or via Triage (Tactical)  will be directed to the roll that has the authority to decide on this. 

Like the question as there is nothing in the "Constitution" on Tensions beside the definition in 1.2.1.