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[@mention:493184366878843164]: it might be helpful to note that when you choose "All Role Fillers" or "All Circle Members", it is creating a separate project for each person in that role, not assigning everyone to one project. Each person is expected to report out on their own project. The use case would be if you wanted each circle member to take on a project to for something like "Personal system audited" or "New strategy broken down into projects for roles I fill" or if you need each person in a role to take on a project pertaining to to that role. A single project can't be assigned to multiple people, and I agree that if they could, they could easily devolve into "we should do this". 

This isn't the first time I've heard that there was confusion about this - your instinct is good, but apparently there's a failure in the UI. Do you think that if we changed the label in the dropdown to be "Each circle member" and "Each role filler", it would be clearer to you and your team?