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We're facing a similar issue, having 12 role fillers for one role. 

It's a trade-off. Having all partners as core members in the circle, slows down Gov and Tactical meetings a lot.

Excluding them and having them represented in the meeting by just one partner, makes the meetings more efficient, but results in fewer tensions being discovered/resolved by this role. 

With us, the system evolved so far into:

  • Role XY (each Partner is assigned to one of 2 groups/teams)
  • XY Facilitator with Purpose: XY are realizing and resolving their tensions
  • XY Representative with Purpose: XY stays up to date with changes in circle; XY's tensions are resolved

XY Facilitator is chosen by the LL of the circle, XY Rep is elected by the team. Both are at the same time also role fillers of Role XY.

Each team has a weekly or bi-weekly short meeting to "bring up all tensions".


However, that's all work in progress and due to fewer tensions being discovered/resolved, we're not entirely happy with it yet and are looking for the next step forward