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[@mention:486850353354280140] Yeah, I think having each of these teams as a circle could cause some boundary issues, so instead you could:

A. Get rid of the duplicate circles and just have one circle.

B. Have two multi-filled roles; 1) Customer Service Desk, and 2) Coordinator, with some specific focus in each role defined like "Team 1," or "Blue Team." So, 7 CSD role-fillers with a focus of Blue Team and 1 Coordinator role with a focus of Blue Team.

C. Have a policy to decides who will actually attend those meetings as [@mention:449974511356313784] mentioned above. 

The other question that comes to my mind is, "Why a group of seven?" Like, I don't know, I could maybe guess something like that has seemed like a requisite number for the Coordinator to coordinate, or, I don't know. Now that people can have many roles instead of just one job, then I'd be curious about that number. Maybe nothing.