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Reply to Best Practices - Slack

By Boysen Hodgson Topic posted 07/06/2018

We were in a similar situation, looking to replace Skype with something else, and also chose to move to Slack.

Do you use private channels for core circle members / roles [only] in specific circles?

Most circles have public channels, with very few exceptions for circles that deal with sensitive data.

How much transparency is there across the organization in slack? 

We generally have a lot of transparency within the organization, but I feel that's not necessarily due to slack.
In my eyes one of the best arguments for slack (vs Skype groups) is discoverability - with the channel list you can find whatever group you may be looking for, rather than needing to know that it exists and ask someone to invite you.

Do you have policies for being a member in a slack channel without participating in it? (auditing / listening in) 

No, nothing like that

Do you use more than one workspace?

We only use one workspace, with about 160 people (though with external guests we're at about 600 slack users).