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Reply to Performance Feedback

By Keith Jarvis Topic posted 07/11/2018

Good (and timely) question Keith!

We are just starting to go down the performance review path.  We will be using a software tool to help us (PerformYard).  We have a "HR coordinator" role that is responsible for the reviews but have not clarified what, if any, involvement the lead links might have in performance feedback.  We have used paper evaluations from trainees for some of our "trainer" team in the past but have not had any other consistent performance feedback system for the team to date.  I am also interested in how others are tackling this so thank you [@mention:454478741268114544] for starting the conversation.  

Some questions we have are:

When a partner/person is in multiple circles, how are the differnt lead links engaged?

Do you do performance review on people or on their ability to fill individual roles (role by role or overall picture)?

Do you look at the roles as well, especially where there are multi-filled roles and people are generally not succeeding in the role.  Its a governance issue to solve but it might not be addressed until it becomes a performance issue.