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Reply to Working remotely

By Margaux Topic posted 06/13/2018

Hello [@mention:449693036337664795], 

Great topic!

We work remotely for amost 6 years. Our distributed team is now of 15 people + many remote contractors/freelancers. We have 2 times per year a face to face team gathering, as it only two times, we have situation that I have not seen some people from their start in our company, in one case it is more than year and half already. I do not feel that it is problem, our culture is to work remotely, nobody wants anything else.

Same as you, I do personally feel that I need to see people and have some noice arround, that is why I work in two to tree different places a day (home, starbucs, co-working).

What works for us:

1. We make space for tribe interactions at holacracy meetings. 
2. We use as little communication tools as possible, so that we concentrate  communication. Actualy we have only one main communication tool, everything else is complementary to that one.
3. When we have a video call, we always turn on camera. From the begining of our remote hiring proces we set it as mandatory for the whole time, so our partners are used to it and cannot imagine to go calling without it.

Beside above mentioned there are some things which people started doing naturally. Usually there are lot of one on one meetings a week through video conferencing, just to solve some tactical tensions. People created guilds and gather several times per year in person without company involvement.

When we have a company gathering once a half a year I feel I know people very well even though I meet some of them for the first time in person.

Hope that helps.