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Reply to Working remotely

By Margaux Topic posted 06/13/2018
Thanks [@mention:449693036337664795] and all for such a rich thread. Here’s some additional input which may contribute to mitigating what you are pointing to:
  • Perhaps 4 x 1-week in-person retreats per year aren't enough to provide what you seeking? At HolacracyOne retreats are mostly every other month, usually for approx 9 days including travel. Plus there are additional mini project/circle based in-person gatherings as needed. Although this is expensive in terms of partner time and travel, I understand it’s considered important for supporting healthy inter-personal relationships
  • I know that some people arrange to co-work online to meet the need for more real-time interaction. This means that it’s just a time when partners are working and getting on with their own thing as you do in a co-working space, but they have a zoom meeting open and can chat while they are working. So it’s like the virtual version of co-working. This can be done with 2 or more partners and some people have regular times each day/week when they do this
  • I know some organisations schedule unstructured social time/tribe space for people to hang out and chat directly before/after some virtual circle meetings as a way to create opportunities for more real-time interactions
  • When a lot of communication is asynchronous and virtual like email/slack it can create a sense of disconnection for some people. A way to remedy this is to seek opportunities to schedule real-time calls with partners to communicate about work instead of the asynchronous email/slack messaging
  • This is slightly different but very related on the ‘group-as system’ level- I understand that for human systems to sustain health and vitality over time there needs to be ways for 2-way feedback to be given and received in the matrix of relationships between all people. If the conditions for 2-way feedback aren’t there and the channels aren’t open, it can create a sense of disconnection between people, leading to a feeling that more connection is needed.