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Reply to Working remotely

By Margaux Topic posted 06/13/2018

Wow, so many answers, thank you!! 

[@mention:550889693724425252] Thank you for sharing your experience. When I say a co-working space is a waste of money, it is just when it is not shared between people of the same company. I can see from [@mention:490932114704493598]'s comment that it can generate leads but we don't all have sales roles and it makes more sense to capitalize, as a company, on interactions between partners of the same company - would be different for an independant I guess.

Thank you [@mention:581434538543771509] for reminding me of the different interaction styles. I can fully understand that and at the same time, the company has some needs we need to cover even if the person prefers to work alone in a silent environment. It is a question of survival.

I don't know if my mind is stuck or whatever... My current thinking is that we need on-site human interactions to run a company and take it to the next level - no matter the way people prefers to work given their interaction styles. And the more we have that type of interactions, the better. Every once in a while is not sufficient IMO but I guess it depends on the personality... Arg, so complicated...