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Reply to Working remotely

By Margaux Topic posted 06/13/2018

I really like this topic and the suggestions.

We at encode.org have been virtual and global from the beginning. We meet quarterly in different locations in Europe and in North America, but even then some of us can't make those meetups. And it didn't completely satisfy.

So we recently started a weekly scheduled 'water cooler' session that we show up to when we can. This really helped with the casual conversations that bring us together, especially those who are not involved in any Special Topic Meetings and coworking on special projects. The new person who came on board was better able to feel connected as well.

In addition we have Guilds and Special Interest Groups that meet over Zoom. These meet our social needs as well as develop skills in self-management and interpersonal interactions. We have guilds registered on GTD, Holacracy Practice, Purpose, Honoring Differences, Legal, and Language of Spaces and anticipate having more arise as needed. The Guilds meet over Zoom as well as during Meet-ups and also have Slack Channels in our Association Slack account (as distinct from the Organization Slack account where channels are about doing the work.)

There are personality differences in how much external stimulation and interaction. Working in places with lots of stimulation drives me bonkers, but I do need to feel connected to the people I work with and love the casual opportunity to discuss work topics.  At the beginning of the trend for working remotely a colleague and I wrote a workbook on Interaction Styles with lots of customized hints for different styles. (This was written before Holacracy came into such widespread use, so there is content about management, but the suggestions still work for working together). The Quick Quite to Interaction Styles and Working Remotely by Susan Gerke and Linda Berens is available on Amazon.

I look forward to reading more posts in this thread.