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Reply to Working remotely

By Margaux Topic posted 06/13/2018

Hi Margaux,

I feel there are 2 needs in your message : having people/noise around you ("life" :-)) and also being able to interact more often/differently with your partners.

Facing that issue with "work@home" in my company, the current "solution" is usually the co-working places : you get "noise", people, and good conditions to work (might be missing at home). And because it's a melting-pot of different businesses, can creates some opportunities too !

Personally I can "live" working at distance with my colleagues, but cannot stand being alone for long.

I don't have issue working with my colleague on skype, and meet them from time to time (your retreats)

In my humble opinion : You wonder if it's possible to work remotely : Yes, alone : Not for long (but does not have to be your partners).

But that's only my personal view.

Hope it helps :-)