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[@mention:455886150941203371]. As an analogy, I imagine that it's as if two people are married and become separated. One or both may have stopped filling the "roles" that they previously filled within the marriage. Yet, no matter how obvious it is that their relationship is over, they must go through the legal process of getting divorced. Until they do, they are still technically still married and there is presumably still some possibility of redefining the relationship in a way that will allow them to stay together.  

If a partner is removed from their roles, there is presumably still some possibility of them being reassigned within the company until they are formally terminated. This is a subtle but important differentiation between role and soul. The employment contract is an agreement between the company and the person (soul) not with any role(s) they may fill. 

Also, it seems to me that separating reassignment of roles within the company from the practice of hiring and firing from the company is a core part of what makes Holacracy work. If the Lead Link holds all of the coercive power of a traditional CEO, then the authority has not been distributed enough to matter and a lot of the problems Holacracy is designed to avoid are likely to come crashing back. 

Just my opinion. I'm open to other thoughts on the subject.