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[@mention:449833773917801859] Thank you for your point of view. I think it is about Holacracy, as it says how to do governance.

My question is more about what more experienced practitioners feels is right or good way how to handle it from their experience.

A. As a Lead Link I feel a tension brough by the proposal, because new defined role wont be filled. My objections is found invalid. Then at the same meeting Lead Link will have a proposal to change previously defined role.

B. As a Lead Link I feel a tension... My objection is written down. In Integration I propose change to newly defined role which will solve tension of the proposer and the Lead Link.

C. Do not object as a Lead Link, try to assign the role and fail as well not being able to fill the role myself. Then at the next meeting come up with the situation and propose change to defined role.

What you find as better solution?