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Reply to Brainstorming

By Rachel Hunt Topic posted 04/28/2018

[@mention:493184366878843164]  Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply.
I would dearly love to have someone other than me facilitating the meeting. I wish I had learned about Holacracy years ago when I had a bigger staff. As it is, I'm down to just me, one part time but very dedicated independent contractor, and a customer who volunteers because he wants to be helpful.  That's not even three whole people. I did without staff meetings for several months when I was doing almost all the work myself anyway. But I thought I'd try inviting the contractor and the volunteer to a weekly tactical meeting as an experiment. 
I'm hoping to get a feel of Holacracy before my staff grows again. Right now I'm just trying to define roles, get used to the meeting structure, and get my people to take some ownership of their ideas.
I've decided to try putting the student volunteer into a "maintenance" circle with my other guy as lead link. That way, they can do whatever repairs and improvements they deem necessary without running every detail by me first. 
Aaaand that's probably far more information than anyone needed to know about my business. It's nice to have some encouragement and support.