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Reply to Project Updates

By Geoff Topic posted 05/17/2018

[@mention:549059653907130620] this may be duplicating what others have shared, but my guess is that the "problem projects" are high-level ones and even though they have one overall owner, there are tons of sub-projects for other roles within that, which others feel are relevant to share in that space (especially if they don't have their specific sub-project already on the board). 

If that's the case, then I can see the project updates get a little messy. In fact, I wrote a blog post about this issue and how GlassFrog isn't helping us here because currently, the only way to sort projects in GlassFrog are by person or by role. Neither of which allows a circle to cluster related projects together, which contributes to the confusion of how you’re supposed to provide updates on projects.

With that said, my recommendation would be 1) share the blog post because I think it provides some important context; and 2) until tagging projects is allowed in GlassFrog, use brackets like, “[Project X]” or “[Project Y]” in the project title to make related projects more recognizable.

Afterall, if I'm an "umbrella project owner" (for lack of a better term), then the other sub-project updates related to that project are in some ways most interesting for me. And it would seem kinda silly to try and provide some generic or general overview of progress myself on the overall project, when in reality the actual progress is being made by the sub-project owners. 

Now, of course you don't want the updates to just be a free-for-all discussion, because that isn't what that space is for, so I've found it helpful to remind people that the project updates space is NOT for: Discussion, requests for actions, making decisions, or sharing opinions. That seems to help keep it disciplined even while it's not as simple or direct as the other updates. 

I hope that helps.