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Reply to Brainstorming

By Rachel Hunt Topic posted 04/28/2018


Building on what Brian shared about owning your decisions your question drew my attention to a conversation I had a few months ago with a colleague about my school using Holacracy and her school's management. She shared that her director loves getting lots of feedback and ideas from everyone but ultimately doing whatever she wants. My colleague said it build a bit of frustration among the staff in that they didn't feel like their ideas were considered or valued particularly when they weren't implemented. I feel like when you own the decision brainstorming is a really tough line to walk. I can hear in your post that you feel isolated too as a leader so much rests on you and so often information silos prevent good ideas from getting to you no matter how hard you try. You're not alone in feeling that!

I've been where you are and I will share that Holacracy will help. Unfortunately that pain won't fully be alleviated until the fundamental power shift happens. Only when staff have the ability to bring forward ideas to directly impact accountability and policy change through governance will you get to see the full power of the change. 

My recommendation is if you're using something like a tactical meeting structure you would use the "Get information" pathway and ask a few pointed questions with the facilitator inviting those who have responses either popcorn or one at a time to answer. That in my experience works really well in replacing the brainstorming in meetings. Also consider what type of out of meetings structures you could use to make your thoughts and projects visible and invite feedback.

Last I will say if you want to, "introduce the Holacracy structure into my staff meetings in preparation for moving to Holacracy in the future" Find a thought partner who is willing to facilitate and challenge you as the leader. One of the big shifts happens when there is not a leader/facilitator combo but a neutral facilitator that holds everyone to the same process. 

Good luck and keep digging in!