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Reply to Brainstorming

By Rachel Hunt Topic posted 04/28/2018

I get asked this question a lot, and I give a different answer than Jean-Michel's.  The tactical meeting is all about getting the tension holder what they need, and  brainstorming is absolutely welcomed during the tactical meeting if that's what they need - it's just a request for help of a certain type (one of the five common requests/pathways on the back of our tactical meeting process card).

However, the time allowed for it is limited; as Facilitator, I mentally calculate how many minutes we have per item on the agenda, and then allow about that many minutes per agenda item.  If the agenda has only a few tensions on it, that may allow space for a longer brainstorm; and if there are a lot of tensions on it, the agenda owner may only have a few minutes.  But within whatever time box they've got, it is the agenda owner that effectively controls how that space is used, not me the Facilitator.

The other issue I'm watching for as Facilitator with a request for brainstorming is why the person wants it; is it to help them get ideas (which is just fine), or is it really to seek buy-in/consensus so "we" can decide something and the agenda owner can duck using their own power/authority autocratically - if I sense it's that, I'm going to coach on the power structure of Holacracy and invite them to reframe their request (to just getting ideas so they can make their autocratic decision in their role that's already empowered to make it).