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We are working through this in our non-profit.  How to allocate resoruces to circles (i.e. is it a lump sum for a quarter or on a project by project basis). What activities are part of our monthly burn rate and what are outside of it and "discretionary".  Who decides on discretionary spending and at what thresholds.  Does the lead link of a circle control internal budgets or are they assigned by a central financial role.    I guess I would be surprised if the Holacracy folks had any input aroudn this beyond "this is how we do it" becuase I imagine (perhaps naively) that this structure will be unique to the roles and structures we all build inside of our own organizations.  

For us--we are working towards having audited financial statements as an aspirational goal and have an accountant helping us to build systems that match our development and stage.  

[@mention:454478741268114544]--do my additional questions (no answers unfortunately) resonate with you?