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Still no response to the February 13 detail, but finally a few months later, here's one specific use case re: Financial Controls: Expense Reimbursement and Lead Link.

In Holacracy, Lead Link gets to make decisions regarding distribution of resources, right?

Meanwhile, another Finance-type role has purpose, domain, accountability etc all around budget.

What happens when the two don't jive?

Lead Link incurs expense A, a cost that is not budgeted for, submits reimbursement to Finance, expects there to be no problem.

  • No restrictions about responsible expense planning (booking advance travel, limitations on per diem, etc)
  • No qualifiers about dollar amount thresholds, advance approval, alignment with role purpose, etc
  • No differentiation between budgeted v unbudgeted expenses, break-evens, go/no-go or similar operational decisions


But the Lead Link decides on resource allocation.

How do Holacracy organizations establish responsible Financial Controls given the its constitution?