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I resonate with what Linda said, and having taken all three of her online certification courses I am a keen advocate of her work and would recommend it, along with Matrix Insights, to people in organisations which practice Holacracy. 
Having worked in two organisations which have adopted Holacracy: one which didn’t utilise type models and Matrix Insights and one which does, I can speak from experience about how powerful these can be to help people understand, accept and find creative ways of working with personal differences and diversity, which otherwise can become sources of conflict. 
I’d also echo Linda’s point that 
it really helps to have someone who is very knowledgeable about the lenses on which it is based to take it beyond just looking up suggestions. 
Matrix Insights has a wealth of knowledge about the type models and applications. At a circle or team level it shows which Type Patterns people identify with, which can support understanding about interpersonal dynamics and patterns within a team, as well as individual understanding . And I find the weekly Matrix emails with personalised tips helpful pointers. 
With regard to how to use it specifically with organisations practicing Holacracy: I’d say that the use of these type models and with Matrix Insights to reinforce them can be part of creating conditions to support people with stepping up to lead their roles, own their authority and take responsibility. 
As well as helping explore personal differences, I am also interested in the potential for using such models to illuminate and explore cultural biases which might otherwise be difficult to see.