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Awesome response @Chris Cowan!


re 2 - I am a fan of the “GI Joe” route above the “article 3.2” route. As a starting point I would use that what happens in a circle stays in a circle (from the outside I would consider its governance a black box and none of my interest). In your methaphor language: My two kids are definitely ok with having their own domains in their own circle. Any interference I do from the “family GCC” is definitely not found useful. And if I am part of their circle I just play along. So your metaphor definitely holds true!


re 3 - one alternative: go straight to the role that cares (maybe the Lead link of the “global marketing circle”? Or the GCC LL?) And ask them to propose it and then work downwards. Might be less painful than working upwards a couple of layers. But if you find that the role actually doesn’t care about it the rep link ascend is definitely the way to go. 


Greetings from family holiday!