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Reply to Taking Questions

By Geoff Topic posted 05/17/2018

I, too, think clarity is useful here - and I don't have to feel like I'm being rude or shuting someone down as Facilitator, either. A balanced approach is readily available.

Circle member 'shares information' then trails off with 'and I'm complete for now unless someone has a question or comment'. As Facilitator a simple 'are you specifically seeking feedback or do you wish to move on?' can get that person to own their power to ask for what they want. It's also a good model for other circle members to increase their specificity in what they want.

Nobody has been harmed or 'shut down' through a little redirect like this, and it can easily result in a feedback request or moving on. If we move on and another member has a pressing need on the topic, they can add it to the agenda and we'll give them the space to seek what they want.