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We onboard our incarcerated students like this to help them leave behind unhealthy submissive habits and move toward healthy self-leadership:

The mission is what's going on daily ... next actions stated properly should do this (stated as accomplished for a simple True/False response).

Vision is how it ought to be for a while ... accountabilities that adjust as needed can express this perfectly.

Purpose? That's the long-range picture that reminds you why its worth all the BS that we entrepreneurs have to put up with.

We ask our students to think one step further out: destiny. Why do you exist?

Why will it really matter whether you accomplish your purpose? Knowing that makes it easier to adjust your Vision when necessary. Knowing that makes it easier to knock down your extractions like a beast. And knowing all of this, and putting it into practice consistently, makes it easy to breeze through a day not even realizing that you're outperforming yourself day after day.