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Reply to Holacracy is masculine

By Adam Banko Topic posted 02/28/2018

[@mention:452086181438015612] =- I see what you mean.
I used to think that the way to fix the "overly masculine" problems (that can include ego-driven decision making, obsession with rank and power, and the treatment of women as decorative objects) was simply to include more women in the workplace, especially in positions of influence. Representation, taken seriously, cures a lot of cultural ills that laws fail (sometimes dramatically) to cure. It seems to be working, at least in a macro sense. As an example, here in the US, the chronic problem of sexual harassment in the workplace is finally getting the attention it deserves because women are finally influential enough in power placement and sheer numbers that their voices (tensions) can no longer be ignored or suppressed. 
But holacracy has the potential to serve the needs of traditionally underrepresented groups even without waiting for representatives to reach high enough levels of influence. And the male/female stereotypes are simply irrelevant, since all tensions get addressed whether the majority sees the issue as important or not, and everyone has the authority to do their own work according to any style they like (until it hinders someone else's work. )