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Hello Chris and Brian,

I am humbled and honored to be communicating with you both.  Thank you for your contributions to Holocracy and it's goals.

Also, thank you both so much for your detailed and thoughtful replies.  Especially the time spent in typing them.  I really appreciate it.

@Chris - Regarding your Point B, thank you for that link.  I remember seeing an older article (app) about the different tiers so I'll see how we can implement that into our startup.

Also, your comment "Can't control everything but can control anything" was a nice way of describing it!

@Brian - Thank you for shedding more light on the B corp/Holacracy/51% scenario.  While I fully understand you are not providing legal advice, at least I have more feedback to consider as there's really nothing else out there other than those links I provided above. 

Although, I'm a little saddened to hear Holacracy is not a fit for B corps as on the surface, one would think they compliment each other.  Holacracy works for evolutionary purpose and B corps are at least an attempt to support a public benefit.

Unfortunately, I'd still like to see if it was possible to have my pie and eat it too as I do believe in the core goals of Holacracy but equally important is the mission statement of a Public Benefit Corp.  Reason being I don't want to dedicate my life to something, only to have the risk of somebody else later down the road (or after I've died) to completely change the mission while leveraging the "brand" I'd worked hard to build.  And that Yale article above proves that a company with resources can easily do that and an LLC would not protect against that with B corps being the best option.  Time will tell if the courts ultimately support that or if the B corp should really be labeled a BS corp (drum hit!)

Here's a better website that shows the benefits of B Corps:


I'll try to see if I can find an attorney to provide more feedback on the 51% but my challenge now is what should that second entity be?  Per the link below, their bylaws state it as a non-profit but to my limited knowledge, not-profits are not allowed to own shares so I have no idea how Terra Viva (per the Harvard article in my initial post) set up a shareholder's association?


Thanks again guys!