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Hi Cyrus - Welcome!  To build on what Chris shared, I'd encourage you to consider attending a Holacracy training - it'll fill in some gaps in your Holacracy knowledge and help you get a sense of how Holacracy can solve exactly what you're trying to solve for, without the need for an external control system (veto rights, etc.).

I'll also add that, were it me, I sure wouldn't use the Delaware Public Benefit Corp structure, especially if I wanted to use Holacracy; LLC statutes are far more flexible in most states, and leave you free to define pretty much any governing control system you can dream up, where most other legal entity types (especially anything corporation-law based) force all sorts of specific rules on you.  That's why Gerard Endenburg had to do what he did with the complex stock ownership scheme - the laws in his jurisdiction are similar to US corporate statutes.  It would be entirely unnecessary and overkill with LLC laws available today.  And if you want to legally adopt Holacracy as the organization's governance structure, it's easy with an LLC, and nearly impossible with most other entity types.

Of course, don't take that as legal advice for your case; consult your own attorney and all that rather than relying on anything I'm telling you...