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[@mention:454478741268114544] Thanks. That's really helpful. 

[@mention:567217983804388642] I resonate with Keith's balanced response. There is a big difference between unconsciously wielding one's power and consciously using levers available to you. The unconsciousness is one way to interpret the word "Shadow." 

More specifically, when it comes to practicing Holacracy, the rules govern the way we interact to achieve the purpose of the organization, but as [@mention:499799321313210508] referenced (and we all know), there are obviously sources of power other than the "official" source.  

So, the use of the word "shadow," in this context, with its negative denotation,  doesn't necessarily mean a source of power other than the rules; I think it means an inappropriate use of other sources/forms of power, which somehow push against, violate, or contradict the rules.