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Thank you Brian and Barbara!  Appreciate your feedback and opinions.

[@mention:449693036223847456] - I see your point more clearly now.  If one can reap all the benefits of a Benefit Corp (no pun intended) in an LLC, but with more freedom due to "any set of governance rules", why not go with the latter?  Makes sense.

[@mention:498251187806746638] Thank you for referral.  I just signed up for their newsletter.  Looks very interesting but at initial glance, it seems more Europe based correct?  Or am I mistaken?  I've never heard of a Purpose Trust/Purpose Foundation per this link:


I only know of revocable, irrevocable, and self-directed trusts here in US but the principles of a Purpose Foundation definitely resonate with me.

I guess one factor that's missing from this analysis is how this might impact the end investor's risk/reward profile & appetite?

Thanks again all!