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Is there a common agreement or a suitable definition what shadow powers are?

I'm asking because in my role (or person) I feel several influences / forces; example: the owner of the company works in operative roles in the company, but since I know he could pull the plug on holacracy (or the whole company!) this gives him "an undocumented, but real power" he can execute. 

On the other hand, I feel influenced by some people that were mid or high level management in the old organization. I still feel I should act after what they want, although they have no more real power. This is probably more like a "habit of mine" because I was used to obey to their will

Third example: there are some seniors and experts with way more knowledge and experience and I have seen many times that their decisions were better than mine. So I tend to prioritize "their" work or support their projects rather than trusting my own agenda.

This leads me back to my question what shadow powers really are. I also doubt that shadow powers are malicious by default (because often they don't raise tensions in me).