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I'd love to see someone make a full flowchart like that!  For now, here's my super quick and overly simplified version top-of-head:

  • If no resulting tension [for anyone] --> Do nothing; ignore it
  • If results in tension --> Whoever feels it, process it


And if the tension is about someone breaking the rules, then:

  • If in ignorance --> 
    • Educate the person about the rules (there are many paths for this)
  • If willfully done -->
    • Does it qualify as Individual Action?
      • If yes, watch out for your own judgments about it - they are playing by the rules, whether you like it or not; so, just play by the rules yourself and follow one of the pathways in the constitution, such as asking them not to repeat that IA, or to restore the system from it (a whole additional flowchart could go here)
      • If no, fire the person (or warn once, then fire).  To be clear: If you really do have a willful rules violation outside the allowable rules of IA, and your organization tolerates this without strong recourse, your Holacracy adoption will likely fail.  So, setup processes that ensure it isn't tolerated, and be okay terminating the relationship between a partner and the organization if someone willfully violates the rules.

Hope that helps!