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Brian Robertson posted:

If Partner A ignored Governance to take actions outside of established procedure (legacy policy) and make decisions in an area of authority clearly delineated as a domain of Partner B's role, what is there to do?

Some questions first to help answer your question:  Did Partner A do so willfully (knowing they were violating a rule), or ignorantly (unaware of it)?  If the former, does it fall within the rules of Individual Action, or outside of them (and why)?  Does Partner A agree with your interpretation of those answers?  Does Partner B feel any tension about Partner A's action?

There are completely different pathways that make sense to engage here depending on the answers to those questions...

We've had all flavors of the above, Brian. We've had it where Partner A knew they were violating the rule, and in the recent instance this other Partner A reports ignorance. In each instance the Partner B affected reported tension ranging from apoplexy to annoyance.

How about a flowchart?
"If willfully done -->" 
"If in ignorance -->"
"-->If results in tension -->"
"-->If no resulting tension -->"