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Tom:  Careful there, the first and fourth in your list do not follow from the constitution; nowhere does it say an objection is not valid if you think you have a better idea, nor if you are trying to help another role.  Framing a statement those ways is teaching people the wrong rules, and will contribute to later facilitators throwing out objections just because someone says they have a better idea, which in itself tells you absolutely nothing about the validity of the objection (an objection is not valid under the first constitutional criteria if someone states it won't cause harm; whether or not they have a better idea is immaterial).

I'm also not a fan of the other two for reasons I've already shared, though those at least are speaking to the constitutional criteria correctly.  Although be careful about "let's put it on the agenda" - it's helpful to remind them that they have that choice, but watch out for language that sounds like they really should do that, or, worse, effectively leads them there or makes the choice for them.