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I too am loving this thread it is rare I open it up and read start to finish all the ideas! I'm liking the diversity of wording and I certainly will steal some of these words. 

I usually coach outside of meeting or in time-out a lot around the meeting the high threshold of a objection. And focus on the difference between a tension and an objection. So when you sense something it is tension but the objection threshold is higher intentionally because objections add a stop sign to the process. We don't want people adding stop signs anywhere just where we absolutely need. The rules we adopted have a high criteria for objection to protect the agenda item holder and promote trying things. If you have something you think might cause harm bring it up, it might be a tension or it might be an objection the test questions will sort that out. 

In process the words I use are the same as Brian "not a valid objection" I work with teachers and there is a little sensitivity around that language initially but with the coaching outside of meeting usually the discomfort is quickly moved through. We have a pretty diverse team but maybe there are cultural implications I haven't encountered.

Sometimes I might say, "You're telling me you're worried about this but it doesn't reach the threshold of harm so if you find yourself feeling tension bring it to a meeting or add it to the agenda now." 

We get a lot of word choice objections, elaborate arguments to say I don't like the word choice and when they come up invalid, I encourage those to be made asynchronously. "If you have better words send them out." Rarely people do because it's not even really a tension just a preference. 

Love the discussion! Thanks for all the good words.