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Reply to Allocating Resources

By Jenn Topic posted 02/22/2018

Thanks all, I guess what I'm not sure of is are there other resources the lead links are allocating in other organizations that I'm missing? I suppose money and hourly time is the big ones. 

We are a preschool so we have a required number of people in the classroom with the children so when we have more people then are required we have a role (not the lead link because it was changed in policy) that allocates that extra time. 

The one area in which we have conflict with the time is that we have a coverage team that is with the children for a specific block of time so the circle members can come out of the classroom and meet. That time is used for tactical, governance, and a curriculum meeting structure we have developed, but the secretary sets the meeting time but if time is a resource then the lead link allocates resources. I do think in this case it is a resource because it's a specific block of coverage time given to the circle. So there is a two hour block of time which two of the three meetings fit in, who gets to determine which will take place... The circle member of course still have the choice to attend the meetings or not, no one can demand that of them but how the time will be used for those who attend. Writing this all out makes me think we just need a policy or role that takes the confusion out of it (I'm not in the circles so it's just something I am observing).

Anyway, I'm happy to hear any other resources thoughts. What resources beyond money and sometimes time do your lead link's allocate?