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[@mention:523162737680436711] Love this: "...your objection is not in line with the Rules we agreed upon." I'm going to steal it!

Personally, I have a hard time saying the first part though; "You just told me..." for some reason. I know the purpose is to make it clear that the facilitator isn't interpreting and judging, but I can't find a place inside myself where it feels authentic. Well actually, I don't my tendency toward global language to get in the way....so, I have said it. But it's mostly in a training context and maybe just because it's habit. When I try to say it in real-life, it always feels a little like a "gotcha!" statement. Again, maybe it's just me. 

In practice, I usually end of saying something like, "Well, based on THAT, it wouldn't be a valid objection..." or, "Since the objection isn't coming from one of your roles then it's not a valid objection."