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Reply to Definition of "tension"

By Mikolaj Topic posted 09/06/2017

I have posted this question few months ago, then I thought it was clear, but now it is again unclear for me

We do the study of Constitution in our organisation and we had a huge discussion about defnition of "Tension".

As far as I undestand in Constitution there is no "definition of tension" - in 1.2.1 is described the situation when your role descritption is not as good as it could be and then it is mentioned that this situation is a "Tension"

In other words - "that is an example of a Tension" - but this is not definition - am I correct? (In 4.2.3(e) word "tension" is used, but again it is not defined)

It is not mentioned anywere else that any difference between actual and ideal is a tension - it looks like we take word that was used in discussion about role description and we use it for any "un-ideal" situation.

That is my understanding - any comment that can make it clearer?