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It's been a pleasure reading the updates from those online practice sessions; exciting to see a self-organized effort like that adding real value in helping people become better Holacracy facilitators and practitioners.

One idea, if you aren't already doing it:  Consider trying a practice Tactical Meeting as well.  While governance is key to Holacracy practice, if that's one's only exposure, it's easy to mistake Holacracy as mostly about governance, which of course is not the case - Holacracy is a power structure for how work gets done operationally, in between meetings.  It's often mistaken for a practice that's about meetings, but those are really just footnotes, a means to an end.  The Tactical Meeting is still of course a meeting process, however it near perfectly mirrors the rule set and power structure operating outside of meetings (unlike governance, which has a totally different rule set in meeting vs. out) - at least, it does when facilitated well, which is usually harder than governance.  Perhaps that's why one can be an excellent governance facilitator, yet a terrible Holacracy practitioner overall (often while thinking they're quite good); but if you can be a good tactical facilitator, it's almost a given that you'll be an awesome Holacracy practitioner overall.

You've probably already considered this, but thought I'd encourage you to branch out and give it a shot if you aren't already!