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[@mention:455886150941203371], again now customary big thanks in the name of the practice group! also thank you [@mention:449411339497350002] for the inspiration regarding the complexity. Much appreciated.

Today we had a special prep. session as I am having my certification in a week and it was a very intense experience to facilitate for almost 2 hours straight, though a great experience and ability to dive deep. Recommended for all people preparing for the exam. Much thanks to [@mention:563839477050140014] and Toon Franken for providing really great cases! A few bits:

> is "more" in an accountability an NVGO?

He had an accountability that said something like "more promoting of [...] ". There was a coaching time-out where it was said that in Holacracy the Roles themselves decide upon both the priority and intensity of how they enact their Purpose through their accountabilities. Is this actually an NVGO a Facilitator might declare or let's just let it slip ? If an NVGO then on what basis? How would you handle that?

> why we ask the Proposer about Objection on his own Proposal?

Well the short answer is that because the process tells so, but it seems insufficient when faced with an honest question. The reason I can think of at this moment is that maybe the Proposer can view the Proposal from a distance and reflect if weather it affects his or hers other Roles? Open to any suggestions.

> can we have 2 same accountabilities on different Roles?

We had a case where during A&C the Propose, based on feedback from RR, made this modification. We have assumed that it's still Valid Governance and that sooner of later Tensions would start surfacing if this would not work so it was OK but I am interested in other opinions?

> helping with crafting the Proposal by Facilitator

We played a pretty novice group and there was some pretty direct Coaching that they the Proposer can do what we wants via a Domain for example. It was pretty direct coaching, in comparison to giving a more general questions, but it seemed right at the time. Any comments on this?

Best to all!