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Thanks to [@mention:577211662873788485], [@mention:550889693769022824] [@mention:454478741268114544]. I like the idea of Liasons so people would not have to learn Holacracy. If they wanted to learn it and were capable of learning it then great, but if not, a Liason (Role) could be checking in with them, gathering their Tensions, and then processing those Tensions with the group actually practicing Holacracy on a regular basis.

It sort of covers all the possible bases. I agree with Ian that certain volunteers with high expectations set upon them might need to do organizational training and maybe it would make sense for certain organizations to have that include Holacracy, whereas other organizations wouldn't need to. The word "volunteer" can range from someone helping informally once with one task to Peace Corps type people who commit themselves and move to another country for several years at a time.