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OKAY it took me a while because my Tension-bringer went on a long overdue vacation, but I have a better idea of the question.

We're a nonprofit, but much of the need here should apply to for-profit corporations as well - which is that external auditors will require meeting minutes / record of the vote for any board resolutions that occur during the year.

We do have a Board legal structure that has a now-much-simpler set of bylaws, but which still exists in a space outside / alongside Holacracy and our Holacracy organization.

So, how do Holacracy organizations that are also corporations address this 'business need'? Where/how might we establish this requirement-to-record meeting minutes of the 'external Board' and/or to provide to the Role within the Holacracy organization who must provide in turn to auditors?

Have I explained it adequately?