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Back again after another practice session  with [@mention:563839477050140014], Dathon and Toon with some request for feedback and tips. On that note, a big thank you from me and the group to [@mention:455886150941203371] for all your feedback.


> Accoutnabilities with getting input from other roles

We have added an accountability which had "Doing X while getting input from Y". I have mixed feeling about it but I guess it is still up to Role weather to do this or not in some way but it seems like a slippery-slope back to consensus-land. Does anyone have any opinion on how to deal with it in a better way?

> Cutting off during reaction round

We had a situation that the facilitator directed one of the participants back to the point when he started rambling. It was good for the process and seemed natural at the time but at the same time it could also be good to wait for the person to just finish and count on self-realization that it was just being using up space (and others to feel how irritating it can be and do it themselves). Happy to hear opinions on that.

> NVGO Objection by Facilitator, should it be first?

We had an NVGO objection by the Facilitator. We usually facilitate that the Facilitators objection should be last to maximise the learning process, but one of the Facilitators decided to start with himself to guide the round in fear it could get messy. Any thoughts on that?

> Keeping the full question in the Objection round?

On the cards we have "Do you see any reason why adopting this proposal causes harm; objection no objection?" but sometimes we also add "or moves us backwards". Which is "more correct" to use? The longer version seems generally more useful as it opens up more space but with large meetings it's can be daunting to repeat that all over again. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!