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Confusing.  There is much here that may be of value to us but with the difference in terminology I'll have to set aside time to compare the two.

I also have quite a bit of qualitative response to share but haven't found the time.

Our organization has @Partners who are Employees, Volunteers, and even a few Contractors. The vast majority of the volunteers have sporadic and intermittent, or event-focused interaction. Most of the rest also have a limited focus to their engagement that is either local or programmatic in orientation, and have little real interest in the operational needs of the 'middle' or 'center' of the organization.

The idea of attempting to bring any of those individuals into the Holacracy structure is something I've vigorously advocated against. I've been a volunteer in both of those contexts in this same organization many years ago - and from my own experience and my experience working as an employee in the 'middle' informs me that they barely have the time/energy to handle the commitments needed on the local, event, or program issues they give their time towards.

Carrying the additional 'bureaucracy of Holacracy' for this type of volunteer, with the obligations inherent (being bound by the duties and constraints of the constitution) and the learning curve, is not in the organization's best interest.

Instead, the Holacracy organization is the central core, and is comprised of employees and a select group of deeply committed volunteers who invest time on the level of employees, and a couple unusual-case contractors.

I can't say it works great, at least not just yet. We're still cleaning up some of the messy boundaries and shining light in the gray areas here.

But maybe it can work over time.

More as it's useful...