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"what's the harm?" or "what's the objection?"

I always ask the Objector, like mentioned on the card, "What is the harm". After the Objector has given insight on the harm I will then ask to work together with the Secretary to note down the Objection in the scratchpad. 

misbehaving during A&C

This round is for the Proposer to amend or clarify something on the Proposal and not an Reaction Round to respond on reactions. So like you state I would point this Rule out but also would do something with the feeling by explaining that reactions are directed at the space and should not be personal.

uncertainty if something is an NVGO or not

If you look at the Accountabilities of the Secretary Role you see "Interpreting Governance and the Constitution upon request" as one of the Accountabilities. So yes it is the Secretary who we turn to in this case.