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[@mention:449833773917801859], below is a Google Translation of the policy. It reads very well!

During a role assignment change, the outgoing Associate will remain affected with the "transition" focus. It continues to carry all the responsibilities, rights and duties of the role as before, and must also train the incoming Associate with the pedagogy and time that are necessary for the latter to become autonomous in the role.

As soon as the incoming and outgoing Associates consider without objection that the transition is made, that is, the incoming Associate is sufficiently independent not to harm the organization in the exercise of this transition. role, then they inform the First Link which can then activate the change of assignment, that is to say replace the focus "transition" by the focus "support", which means that the incoming Associate acquires the responsibilities, rights and duties of the role, and the outgoing Shareholder acquires the accountability to "coach on demand, respond to solicitations and offer support to the Incoming Associate". Finally, at the request of the incoming Associate, the Premier Link may delete the "support" focus and decommission the Associate leaving the role.